International Music Masterclasses

Opera Network organizes specific International Music Masterclasses for international students who wish to prepare themselves adequately to pass the Admission Exams in the Italian Conservatories of Music.


The courses have a duration of 40 individual lessons and are held during the entire Academic Year. They are specific for all the musical disciplines foreseen in the Music Conservatories Bachelor (Triennio) and Master (Biennio) Degree Courses: singing, all instruments, composition, choir and orchestra conducting, jazz, etc.



The teachers are Professors in the State Conservatories of Music and expert professional musicians.


During the year, students are superised by tutors - interpreters who assist them in all the procedures required by the Music Conservatories:

Exam programs for the admission in the Conservatories of Music
Applications for admission Conservatories of Music
Payment of tuitions Conservatories of Music
Enrollment in the Conservatories of Music
Residence permit



Students will have the opportunity to listen to the lessons of the other participants in order to better assimilate the study method and the technical and interpretative teachings.

Special Facilitites

Opera Network, thanks to its prestigious partners, is able to provide interested students with the following additional services:

a. Assistance for accommodation

b. Rental of musical instruments

c. Rental of study rooms

d. discounted tickets for the performances of the Florence Opera House
and other theaters in Tuscany



President Carla Zanin
Artistic Director Paolo Bellocci
Musical Director Federico Bardazzi