DON GIOVANNI TENORIO OR IL CONVITATO DI PIETRA by Giuseppe Gazzaniga for the first time on stage in Pisa in November 2015 under the direction of Federico Bardazzi. The production is part of the Don Giovanni Festival and the Opera Network offers it both individually and as a part of a wider path on this ancestral theme.
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The project edited by Cristina Borgogni will be presented in 2017 for O Flos colende in the Cathedral of Florence in a co-production between Opera Netwok - The Vascello Theatre of Rome in collaboration with The Ensemble San Felice,whose Director is Federico Bardazzi. >> read more


21 - 23 January 2017

Domenica 22 Gennaio 2017
ore 10:30 Teatro dell'Opera di Firenze e Sala Ballo - Via Vittorio Gui, 1 - Firenze
Ore 15:00 Scuola di Danza Hamlyn -Via Maggio, 7 - Firenze.

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Haendel Arias & Sonatas

Appuntamento di grande rilievo con un programma interamente dedicato alla meravigliosa musica di Haendel in un percorso che si dipana tra arie e sonate strumentali, venerdì 9 dicembre alle 21 presso l'Auditorium Folco Portinari dell'Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze. >> read more


The International Zimriya

For the First time in its history, thanks to the suggestion of Carla Zanin, The International Zimriya will be dedicated to the Opera: Acre (Israel) 7 - 11 August 2016 Choirs and Solo singers will sing most wonderful Giacomo Puccini Opera choruses and Scenes under the direction of Federico Bardazzi and Paolo Bellocci of Opera Network Firenze with the wonderful collaboration of Haifa Symphony Orchestra at the Final Concert. >> read more

Italian Language International Center


Our school is Exam Center of University for Foreigners of Perugia and cooperates nationwide with Institutions of Higher Education AFAM-MIUR: Music Academies, Institutes of Higher Music Studies, Academy of Fine Arts. Thanks to our highly qualified teachers and our teaching method, you will be prepared to attend university training courses, at the Academies and Conservatories AFAM, and you can take the CELI examination, recognized by the Italian Ministries as the official certification. >> read more

Opera Network Firenze
International Music Courses


Opera Network Firenze organises Music Courses for Chinese students, singers and instrumentalists, who want to prepare in a proper way the Admission Exam in Music Conservatories >> read more


VESPR0 1610


Next 1st July 2016 Brilliant Label will publish the new Opera Network Cd production: the Vespro by Ensemble San Felice conducted by Federico Bardazzi. The present recording of the Vespers is intended as a philological reading of the score, and this has implied various interpretative decisions concerning all the aspects of performance. It includes the full reconstruction of the Liturgy of the Marian Vespers in plainchant. >> read more



The Cd produced by Opera Network is recorded in collaboration with In Canto Gregoriano – incontri internazionali di Firenze and includes the complete Office in Gregorian Chant with Viri Galialei, conductor Enzo Ventroni and Ensemble San Felice, Conductor Federico Bardazzi. The Transcription and philological research is by Giovanni Alpigiano. >> read more



Francesco Landini Concert at Uffizi Gallery

The Concert in the marvelous Galleria degli Uffizi is realized in collaboration between Ensemble San Felice and Opera Network is dedicated to the figure of Florentine Francesco Landini or Landino (1325-1397), composer, organist, poet, cantor and organ-maker. He was the greatest representative of the musical style known as Ars nova, born in France in the first half of the XIV century and thence propagated throughout central and northern Italy, especially Milan, Verona and Florence. The research of Federico Bardazzi was >> read more